A report on writing reports. Introduction. Report writing is a necessary evil which many people are forced to undertake without proper training. If treated as indicated above, namely an endeavour which must be endured, the end product is generally of poor quality - incomplete, inaccurate and a chore to read. Having spent considerble time in the grip of poorly produced reports, the author has decided to make an effort to redress this sorry state of affairs, by writing a report on report writing. The purpose of a report is to summarise work undertaken as part of a person's main endeavour. In general, a significant part of all human effort is oriented towards the acquisition of existing knowledge, prior to refing or extending this to solve a specific problem. This activity is documented within a report to enable others to acquire the essential portion of this activity without repeating the background work. A report is designed to communicate information and ideas to others. As such, it should be well structured to enable the reader to acquire and assimmilate the content more easily. Furthermore, it should be both unbiased and as complete as possible, to enable the reader to make their own informed conclusions; which may or may not be in agreement with those of the author. In this work, the essential features of a report are first reviewed, and then supplemented by a series of suggestions for producing good reports. A contradictory approach is then briefly pursued, by describing the characteristics of poor report writing. Following an overview of different reporting styles, the main features identified within this document are summarised prior to the conclusion.